El Capo y la Dama
Kate Del Castillo asks for an extension on her disclosure agreement but the Judge is not having it. Getty Images

Kate Del Castillo’s presence was, once again, reported “missing in action” at her hearing scheduled for March 30. This is the second time the Mexican actress has postponed her court date and asked her lawyers to take action in the matter.

According to Azteca Noticias, Del Castillo had previously asked the judge for an order to protect all personal information and avoid press leaks of all findings reported by the PGR (Procuraduría General de Justicia).

This request implied that files regarding the telenovela star and her relationship with the Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, including alleged money laundering charges and the reasons behind the controversial meeting were for authorities to keep and not to be disclosed.

On March 31, it was reported that Del Castillo had requested a new order, not only to keep all files regarding the case private but also, to avoid any court citations and arrest warrants.

The Judge on duty, Octavio Mejía Ojeda, replied to Del Castillo’s lawyers stating that they had five days to elaborate on the details behind this new appeal or it would be dismissed. Sources added Mejía believed the document lacked precision and was non-argumentative.

Radio Fórmula suggests the 43-year-old actress could be acting out of fear. The Mexican news outlet reports the PGR was going in a little deeper into Kate Del Castillo’s investigation, even though she is still only considered as a witness, and not an accomplice.

During recent interviews, Kate has mentioned more than once that she is scared of what the Mexican Government can do. “I don’t have to give the media any explanations. If I’m not saying anything is because my lawyers advised me not to do so because the government wants to destroy me, no matter what,” she told Univision in January.

But what we are questioning now is if it is because she is afraid of them “destroying her” for no reason, or them finding enough evidence to put her down - Stay tuned!

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