It was quite a shocker when Rolling Stone published an interview with Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán that was conducted by Sean Penn and brokered by Kate del Castillo. In the article it is made clear that it was thanks to the "La Reina Del Sur's" star connection to the Mexican druglord that Penn was able to meet the fugitive. "El Chapo" contacted these people to help create an autobiographical film detailing his life and his achievements in the drug trafficking world. Now, both actors are under investigation for that link.

On Friday night, when "El Chapo" was presented to the media, Arely Gómez, Attorney General of Mexico, mentioned that it was thanks to these conversations between actors and producers that they were able to pinpoint "El Chapo's whereabouts. "Another important aspect that allowed us to find his location, was when it was discovered that Guzmán Loera wanted to make an autobiographical film," she said during the press conference. "Communication was established with actors and producers, which now are part of a new line of investigation; also the follow ups allowed us to document that encounters between the lawyers of the now detained individual and these people."

Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn are now under fire. Should they be arrested for knowing where "El Chapo" was all this time? Is Del Castillo part of the trafficking ring? On the Rolling Stone article, Penn narrates that "El Chapo" reached out to the Mexican "Dueños Del Paraíso" actress after she penned an open letter where she states she believes more in the druglord than the Mexican government. All this is a little strange because we can look at it from the other perspective, did Kate and Sean help authorities find "El Chapo" ultimately? What do you think?