Actor Eric del Castillo says he’s been there for his daughter Kate while she is facing a difficult situation for her ties to one of the world’s biggest drug lords, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán Loera.

The actor says he’s tried to talk very little about this to the media, but sincerely hopes Mexican authorities can do their work properly so his daughter can turn the page, and forget about this nightmare. “We talk to her every day and she’s been doing really well. She’s working; she’s happy,” del Castillo said before admitting the situation does still worry his daughter quite a lot.

“We are sad that they just can’t seem to bring this farce to an end, but I don’t want to talk about it anymore because every time I do, I get in trouble,” he continued.

Right after Guzmán was captured and Rolling Stone Magazine published the controversial interviews by Sean Penn (which Kate del Castillo reportedly set up), the actor broke his silence on the Mexican variety show “Hoy” and explained why he wasn’t going to address the matter to avoid making things any worse than they were at the time. “We have come to an agreement to not say half a word because everything can be misinterpreted or used in a bad way," he said. "We are calm, my daughter is calm. We have found out about the same thing that you guys have found out. We have talked to my daughter but that is personal. We have seen the video like the rest of the audience.”

Eric was adamant in the interview that first and foremost, the “Reina del Sur” star is his daughter, so he and his family will support her no matter what. “We support my daughter to death,” he added. “I know my daughter and she is looking for something good for everyone. We are a united family and will support her to death.”

A few days ago, the actress posted a complaint on Instagram saying, “It is incredible that the PGR still can not accept they leaked my private information illegally, despite the fact that judges admitted it. I demand respect to the due process, even though I can see that DOESN’T EXIST in Mexico.”