Kate Del Castillo is under fire after she helped Sean Penn secure an interview with the fugitive drug lord "El Chapo" that was published following his recapture. We know that "El Chapo" wanted to have a movie made about his life and was interested in having Penn and Del Castillo involved and that's how this meeting came about. We also know that her sister, Véronica Del Castillo, is an actual journalist, so why wouldn't she give her the exclusive? Maybe she was protecting her? Allegedldy none of her family members knew what Kate was brewing and it took everyone by surprise just like the rest of us.

Reporters caught up with Verónica Del Castillo at the airport in México City to get a reaction out of this whole debacle. "I found out the same day as all of you through the magazine," she said in an interview that aired on radio show "Javier Poza En Fórmula." "I don't know any more than you do, I was working and I found out about it the same day. I cannot judge my sister, we are different people, but as a sister I am with her." The "Al Extremo" host defends her sister and says that "it's not a crime meeting a fugitive, it's not a crime in [México]."

However, how does she feel she didn't get the big interview with the most wanted man? "As a journalist I envy her," she said. "She got the big one, the interview, as a sister I support her." Kate has been mum since the controversial interview and her sister says she is will not talk for a while. "I don't think she will give me an interview," Véronica said. "She will not give me an interview because she is not going to talk to the media, I am in the same position as all of you, I know just as much."

Kate Del Castillo is a well-known Mexican actress in Latin America having starred in telenovelas like "Muchachitas," "La Mentira" and "La Reina Del Sur." Throughout her life she has taken and fought for many social causes standing up against animal abuse and human trafficking. Del Castillo is on the rise in Hollywood securing guest-starring roles in shows like "Jane The Virgin," "Weeds" and "CSI: Miami" as well as starring in films like "The 33," "Without Men" and "No Good Deed." She recently made headlines when she was ousted as being the one who brokered the interview Sean Penn published on Rolling Stone magazine with "El Chapo," the drug lord that was on the run from Mexican authorities after he made a break from prison last year.