This week, Meghan Markle recently flew to New York to attend her baby shower organized by her closest pals. Hollywood’s known personalities like Serena Williams and “Suits” co-star Abigail Spencer attended the party. Sister-in-law Kate Middleton missed the party, and now the pressure is on her to throw Meghan a second baby shower.

Royal fans could not get over the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge missed Meghan Markle’s baby shower. This sparked rumors of the two modern princesses feuding with each other amid news of royal house split. The feud between the two duchesses began when, as reports claimed, that Kate was in tears during Princess Charlotte’s fitting for Meghan’s wedding. Since then, the two have been a favorite subject for royal fight.

But the rumors were quickly shut down when some explained the potential reasons why Kate skipped the event. Baby showers are not really part of the British culture. In addition, Kate has her plate full with royal responsibilities and the royal children — Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who are both in term break.

It was also confirmed that Meghan’s mother was not also seen arriving at the Polo Bar, where the party was held. This confirmed that Meghan’s American friends were the only ones in the party.

While it has been only days when Meghan flew to New York and will be staying there for a few days, Kate is in the middle of hot water again. There is pressure on Kate to throw her sister-in-law a second baby shower.

The opinion came from royal commentator Loni Love. Love believes that the Duchess of Cambridge should throw a party for Meghan in London. “There is a possibility that there will be another baby shower in London,” she said.

It might also be possible that Kate had already planned one, but this is not confirmed yet. Love directly called out to Kate. “I’m just saying Kate, you know, you maybe need to do that,” she said.

The royal commentator is hinting that organizing a baby shower for the Duchess of Sussex could kill the rumors and gossips about them. Meghan is still currently in the Big Apple and staying at the exclusive hotel The Mark for a five-day vacation.