Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner together New Years reconciliation
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Post-Met Gala 2024, the New York City night was alive with more than just the usual bustle. The stars and their designers went on to luxurious after parties, creating all kinds of buzz and speculation. However, there was a couple, or better said, a couple of people, that provoked more intrigue than the rest.

No, it weren't Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, other recent exes who also converged for fashion biggest night, although it was interesting to see that the Puerto Rican urban star has erased the tattoo of his former beloved from his chest. Neither were Shakira and Lewis Hamilton, who were not only at the Met Gala, and latter at Stella McCartney party in the Upper East Side.

The people generating all the buz were none other than Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny. They were at the Met, went together to a couple of parties and were captured in the morning leaving the same hotel, their recent rendezvous has everyone guessing.

A Glamorous Evening Leads to Intimate Moments

The Met Gala, known for its star-studded carpet and fashion statements, concluded with various after-parties where the real stories often unfold. Jenner and Bad Bunny, having arrived separately—her in a revealing Givenchy piece and him in a corseted Maison Margiela suit—were later spotted cozying up at the Après Met 2 Met Gala After Party.

Despite their December breakup, the chemistry seemed undeniable as they laughed and sipped drinks in a secluded corner. They were also captured on video dancing Bad Bunny's hit "Te Boté."


Bad Bunny y Kendall Jenner bailando juntos anoche en el after de la #metgala2024 #badbunny #metgala2024 #kendalljenner

♬ sonido original - Bad Bunny Argentina 🇦🇷

This encounter sparked a flurry of speculation. The scene was set perfectly for a romantic reconciliation or a poignant parting, and onlookers couldn't help but hope for the former.

Departing Together Yet Apart

The intrigue deepened the following morning when both celebrities were seen exiting the Greenwich Hotel together through the same side door.

Their simultaneous departures, mere hours after the party, painted a picture of a night spent in each other's company, whether as lovers or as friends. Jenner attempted an incognito exit in sporty attire, while Bad Bunny chose the anonymity of a hood and cap.

This isn't the first time Kendall and Bad Bunny have sparked rumors after a supposed split. Their relationship has seen several public outings, from casual breakfasts in Beverly Hills to cozy moments at Coachella, each time leaving fans wondering about the status of their bond.

Even after their breakup, they celebrated the New Year together in Barbados, keeping the door open to numerous possibilities.

The Lingering Connection

Adding layers to their story, Bad Bunny's recent lyrics in the song "Adivino" resonate with a sense of unresolved feelings. Lines like, "Don't know if 'I love you' is worth the same in English," suggest a personal reflection on his relationship with Jenner, perhaps indicating that not all emotional ties have been severed.

Sources close to the duo maintain that Kendall and Bad Bunny remain on good terms, suggesting that their current relationship is fluid, with all options open. The repeated sightings and shared moments post-breakup imply that there might still be chapters left in their story, and their fans are showing up in droves for it.

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