A third suspect has been arrested by Kentucky police for the kidnapping and horrific murder of 35-year-old Jeremy Lind. The three suspects are thought to have kidnapped the victim and his girlfriend last year. They beat and tortured the couple. Eventually, the victim was choked to death on a foil ball that contained his severed tongue. The incident was reported by the victim’s partner after she managed to escape her captors.

On Sept. 27, 2020, Lind and his partner were kidnapped at gunpoint at around 1 a.m. The couple was taken to a property in Louisville, Kentucky where their ordeal began. Both victims were stripped naked before being beaten by their kidnappers. They were also forced to eat dog food.

While both the victims were beaten, Lind had his tongue cut out from his mouth. The attackers wrapped the severed tongue in a foil. They then stuffed the foil ball down the man’s throat, choking him to death. According to Crime Online, the female victim was forced to watch her partner being tortured. After the man was dead, the woman was forced to clean up his blood.

The attackers reportedly kept the woman alive with the intent of trafficking her. The woman managed to escape from her captors. She reported the incident to the police. An investigation was launched.

On Sept. 30, 2020, a police officer found Lind’s body dumped in an alley. It is believed that the perpetrators had kept his body in a shed before disposing of it in the alley.

Earlier this year, 32-year-old Samantha Leigh Johnson, 40-year-old Robert Lee Smothers and 39-year-old James Douglas Branham were arrested in relation to the incident. Smothers was later released as he said that he was paid to beat Lind. On Friday, July 16 36-year-old Daniel E. Rosselot was arrested in relation to the kidnapping and murder. The three suspects face multiple criminal charges.

The motive behind the cruel crime has not been confirmed by the authorities. However, Christopher Palombi, a detective with the Louisville Metro Police Department, told WDRB that the incident was in retaliation for theft. The female victim reportedly told the police that they had burgled Johnson’s partner’s car before their kidnapping.

Investigation continues.

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