Kimberly Rodríguez a 22-year-old mother of three has been arrested after her Houston neighbors found her three children rummaging through the trash looking for food. The three children ages 15, months, two and four years old were left home alone while their mother went to work. The neighbor that found the children said they were eating banana peels out of a trash can. The woman took the kids back to their apartment but found that no one was home. After the neighbor failed to get in contact with Rodriquez she called the police.

The police arrested Rodríguez at the bar where she works. The three children were removed to foster care and Rodríguez was scheduled to appear at a family court hearing today. A custody hearing to determine the children's permanent placement is scheduled for early December. Rodríguez has been place on $35,000 bond and faces charges of child endangerment. During the court hearing on Wednesday authorities said that immigration has been placed on notice. An immigration hold has been placed on Rodríguez while the ICE takes a look into her status.

Rodríguez appeared in court today handcuffed and wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. The mother of three speaks little English and spoke in short sentences when addressed by Judge Denise Collins. The judge had a translator interpret what the Spanish speaking woman was saying during the hearing. When neighbors found the three children they were walking around their apartment complex in the cold weather with no coats or shoes. Prosecutor Matt Harding stood before the judge and said, "When officers investigated her house, they found it was ill kept. It smelled bad and there was not enough food for the children." 

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