Muzan appears to be at the end of his rope in the previous chapter as the various effects of Tamayo’s medicine start to kick in. However, recently posted “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Chapter 197 spoilers suggest that the demon still has one more trick up his sleeve.

Even at his weakened state, Muzan will still be able to launch one more devastating attack on his pursuers. Apparently, both Tanjiro and Iguro will be targeted by the demon in an attempt to stop their pursuit so he could escape.

“Muzan deploy Blood Demon Arts, hit both Tanjiro and Iguro,” reads the “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Chapter 197 spoilers posted on Reddit by user GuivenancioYong. It must be noted that there are only 35 minutes to go before dawn and Muzan and the attack was likely a move to prevent the two slayers from pursuing. At this point, the demon is more concerned about preserving his life than killing his enemies so a retreat would be the most sensible option for him.

Apparently, Muzan’s Blood Arts will be very hard to deal with. Tanjiro will think of a way to nullify its effects but it’s a bit risky since it involves one of his vital organs and healing himself in the midst of the battle might not be ideal for such treatment.

“Tanjiro guesses that stabbing his Nichirin sword precisely into his body may able to clear the effect of the Blood Demon Arts,” the Redditor added. “This is risky as he has to locate the effect's source near his heart.”

Thankfully, Muzan will still not be able to escape even after hitting both Tanjiro and Iguro. Just as previously speculated by “Kimetsu no Yaiba” spoilers, some of the Pillars have healed enough to battle Muzan once more. “Zenitsu and Inosuke, followed by Giyu and Gyomei resume battle,” the Reddit user wrote.

Muzan’s Blood Arts attack is just a one-time thing and he can no longer use it in the current battle or he’ll end up harming himself even more. “Muzan claimed he no longer dares to use Blood Demon Arts as this escalate the cell destruction drugs after he uses once on Tanjiro and Iguro,” wrote the Redditor.

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