As the release of the official “Kimetsu no Yaiba” chapter 200 is around the corner, it’s unsurprising to note that the spoilers had netizens in a state of a tizzy. But, just in case you’ve been unable to catch a glimpse of what’s being speculation, here’s what you need to know.

"Kimetsu no Yaiba" chapter 200 spoilers

Sad news for fans as the beloved manga might soon come to an end. In this chapter, the protagonist Tanjiro, along with the Pillars Kanroji, Himejima and Iguro, are all dead. Based on these raw scans, Muzan has finally been defeated, but it cost everything. 

The characters mentioned all suffered fatal wounds that leave them with little chance to survive. Just when Nezuko finally returned to her senses, her brother has passed away. Meanwhile, Kanroji and Iguro died in each other's arms, which is a fitting yet tragic end to their love story. 

On a lighter note, Sanemi and Giyu survived Muzan's onslaught. It is interesting to see how the story goes from here and if there will be another villain as vile as Muzan.

"Kimetsu no Yaiba" chapter 199 spoilers

In the previous chapter, things spell doom for Muzan as its certain that the Demon Slayer Corps have etched out a deadly ploy—to gun down the demon. It is also speculated that Muzan might face a sea of changes— an unearthly transformation of sorts, which will turbocharge his power. And no brownie points for guessing that the battle will get murkier and brutal as Muzan will gear up to overthrow Tanjiro. But, despite the defeat, it’s strongly suggested that Tanjiro will escape death—though mutilated. 

Tanjiro’s survival will push Muzan to go underground, to escape and avoid daylight. But, things will get very tough for Muzan as Gyomei Himejime aka The Stone Pillar will enter the scene to pull Muzan up from the underground. 

Tanjiro lost an arm but Giyuu saved him from losing his life. Together they sliced up Muzan's giant baby form before he went underground. All the medic team working together by pinning Muzan up against The wall with a bus, even helping stone pull Muzan back since he only has 1 leg Chapter 200 should be the official confirmation of his death and probably his flashback. Unless Muzan conquers the sun.

Kimetsu No Yaiba' Tanjiro may transform in Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 184. Kimetsu No Yaiba/Facebook