Kushal Punjabi and Audrey Dolhen
Kushal and Audrey Dolhen during happier times. Instagram

Actor Kushal Punjabi’s sudden demise sent shockwaves across industry insiders and his family alike. The 42-year-old actor, who was reportedly battling depression, was found hanging at his Pali Hill residence. The actor, who’s married to longtime girlfriend Audrey Dolhen was separated from his wife at the time of his death.

While his one and a half suicide note categorically mentions that nobody is to blame for his death, insiders speculate that Punjabi’s strained relationship with his wife was one of the biggest reasons behind the actor taking the drastic step. The actor longed to see his son, but all efforts went in vain as his estranged wife wasn't too keen. The actor posted a pic of his son on Instagram hours before his death.

Punjabi was married to Dolhen in the year 2015, and the couple had a three-year-old child named Kian. While things were yet to be out on the open, several close friends believe that Punjabi was dejected that his son was away from him. Dolhen is currently living in Shangai with their toddler. Dolhen, who flew to India, had been called by the cops to record her statement.

If a recent report is anything to go by, Kian wasn’t brought to India even at the time of the funeral. Aside from his personal struggles, it is said that Punjabi was out of work and the lack of adequate finances was taking a toll on his life.

The suicide note specifies that the Punjabi’s property will be split among his parents, sister, and son. Punjabi who’s known to be a fitness buff, has always maintained a positive demeanor and was considered to exude an affable vibe all through.

The suicide which came as a shocker to the entire Hindi telefilm fraternity can bear serious implications on the toddler. Researchers have found that children who’ve lost parents to suicide are at the risk of developing psychiatric disorders and worse, suiciding themselves.

“Losing a parent to suicide at an early age emerges as a catalyst for suicide and psychiatric disorders,” said lead investigator Holly C. Wilcox, Ph.D., a psychiatric epidemiologist at Hopkins Children’s. “However, it’s likely that developmental, environmental and genetic factors all come together, most likely simultaneously, to increase risk,” he added.

Studies also show that kids who lose parents to suicide before the age of 13 are at a higher risk of attempting to die by themselves. What’s more, losing a parent early in one’s life, irrespective of the cause, can increase a child’s risk to commit violent acts of crime.

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