'La Malquerida' Finale Spoilers
"La Malquerida" will air its final episode this weekend in México and there will be three alternative endings. Televisa

It's finally here! The grand finale of "La Malquerida" the telenovela that starred Victoria Ruffo, Ariadne Díaz and Christian Meier. The controversial soap inspired by the Jacinto Benavente classic about a young woman at odds with her mother over a man comes to a hault on Sunday night. Spoilers Ahead! In this story Acacia (Díaz) has kept a secret that she has feelings for her mother's husband Esteban, played by Meier. Although they have not gone all the way, the two did share kisses and confessed their feelings for each other. During this last week it was revealed that Esteban was the one that killed Manuel (Brandon Peniche) in an effort to keep him away from Acacia as they were both about to get married. Not only that, but Cristina also found out that Esteban had been courting Acacia and not seeing her as a daughter as he always claimed.

As the José Alberto Castro production wraps up, many questions are still left unanswered. The most important question still up in the air is how will Cristina react when she finds out that Acacia also has feelings for Esteban, her step-father? That scene will be epic and we will most likely see it during the finale 2-hour event. Televisa will present the final episode this Sunday, November 9 starting at 6pm on El Canal de las Estrellas in México. Right after the final episode airs three alternative endings will be available online where viewers will get to pick and choose their favorite one. Obviously, the only one that counts is the one that actually airs on television, the other one's are just to create controversy. Let's hope that the writers and producers go off with a bang and really surprise viewers with the finale for all of the characters. How would you like "La Malquerida" to end?

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