El Señor de los Cielos
Aurelio Casillas is making a crossover! Telemundo

The pilot trailer of USA Network’s “Queen of the South,” the American remake of Telemundo’s original “La Reina del Sur,” was released late January and it has already created a lot of anticipation, especially after Kate Del Castillo’s relationship with Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was exposed by the media earlier this year.

During an interview with Radio Fórmula, Rafael Amaya, better known as Aurelio Casillas in “El Señor de los Cielos,” revealed his character would make a special appearance in the awaited TV show. “It will be the first time in television history that a character makes a crossover, not an actor, ‘cause that has been done quite a few times,” Amaya told Javier Poza.

He added that his character is very loved among Latinos in the country, which is why the network decided to mash-up the stories and make this happen. “The demand the character has here among Latinos has been noticed, and people ask for him, so producers are now paying attention to the needs of Latino audiences, they are listening to what we want, and they are bringing our characters to their shows, like ‘Aurelio Casillas’, and I think that’s wonderful.”

Without giving too much away, Amaya mentioned that he will be taking the role of Teresa Mendoza’s (Alice Braga) enemy in the story, which is one of the plot twists that the network has added to the English version of the popular TV series. In the original version of “The Queen of the South,” Amaya gave life to Raimundo Dávila Parra “El Güero,” an important member of the Sinaloa Cartel who gets murdered during the first season of the show.

In November last year, Amaya suffered a near death experience that had many people talking about the actor’s level of professionalism. “To me it’s work, as long as people keep talking, I don’t care what they say. If they say I’ll be the next ‘Mario Almada,’ I don’t care. It’s my job. I didn’t have one peso to spend in 16 years, and now that I can help my parents, my people, buy a house, here and there, and do things I couldn’t do before…I’m loving it. We’ll see what we have to do later to get rid of this character,” he confessed.

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