Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s relationship has been making the headlines after their great chemistry in their film “A Star Is Born” and a steamy performance of “Shallow” in the recently held 2019 Oscars. Tabloid magazine OK! Australia recently reported that the two are apparently moving in together.

According to Gossip Cop, this tabloid report is simply not true. Apparently, Gaga is selling her Malibu home and is now “on the hunt for a love pad” with her “A Star Is Born” co-star. An alleged insider tells the magazine that Cooper is the reason for Gaga’s split with ex-fiancé Christian Carino, while Cooper’s relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk is coming to an end.

A supposed source tells OK! that Cooper and Gaga are “so attracted to one another.” The source then further claims that Cooper and Gaga’s friends “aren’t surprised they’re discretely looking for a home together.”

The actor has a one-year-old daughter with Shayk. The insider insists that the supermodel is devoting all her time to take care of their kid, while Cooper and Gaga work on the next phase of their relationship. However, just last week, Cooper and Shayk were invited to eat dinner at Jennifer Garner’s house. Their daughter and Cooper’s mom were with them as well.

The tabloid’s article was all based on claims from a supposed anonymous source, which is untraceable. Gossip Cop contacted Gaga’s spokesperson and assures that Gaga and Cooper are not moving in together.

Both Gaga and Cooper have been victims of ridiculous gossip recently, which included a story about Gaga asking Bradley to marry her and an article about Gaga apparently being pregnant with Cooper’s child. The most recent rumor is about Shayk apparently forcing Cooper to choose between her and Gaga. All stories have been proven to be false.

The pair has constantly been speculated to have a romantic relationship after their undeniable chemistry in the movie. But reps of the co-stars insist their relationship is purely friendly and professional.

Gaga herself shut down the romance rumors on her latest appearance in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The singer also addressed the pregnancy rumors on Twitter and even teased about preparing to make new music. She will also resume her residency shows in Las Vegas on May 30.

Both Gaga and Cooper loved working together on “A Star Is Born” so much that they have thought of the possibility of working together again for a second film.