'Las Amazonas' Telenovela Preview
Danna Garcia and Andres Palacios star in new Televisa production. 'Las Amazonas' telenovela is set to air on Univision later this year. Watch preview here! Televisa

A new wave of telenovelas are coming and we are extremely giddy! "Las Amazonas" is a new Televisa production that will premiere in the coming months on Univision. This new soap will start to air in Mexico soon and we have been able to see previews starring Victoria Ruffo and Cesar Evora. The cast also includes three leading ladies: Danna Garcia, Mariluez Bermudez and Grettel Valdez. In a new preview, we can see the dilemmas the other characters will be having. "Being together is dangerous," Garcia's character says to Andres Palacio's character in a voiceover. Bermudez is shown crying and saying, "He raped me." Grettel is seen kissing an older man and saying, "He is my dad's enemy." Watch the promo below and tell us what you think!

"Las Amazonas" is part of Televisa's new production line making shorter telenovelas with higher quality. According to Produ, this new soap will consist of 72 episodes in total, which about half of the episode count a typical telenovela has. "We are making a shorter version with a cinematic technique and that has allowed us to come in more naturally and congruently with our content," Mejía said. "This production will air first in México and then it will go to the other platforms. We are living a new era of television where the narrative in the content is changing."

Production of "Las Amazonas" took place in an old hacienda in Puebla where the cast and crew filmed the promos and intro for this telenovela which is scheduled to start airing in May.

"Las Amazonas" is a new version of a Venezuelan telenovela "Amazonas," which was done in México a while back as "Niña... Amada Mía." The story is about three fierce women and the problems they run into as they look for love. Cast of this production also includes Jacqueline Andere, René Casados, Guillermo Garcia Cantú, Gaby Vergara, Liz Gallardo and many more.

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