Las Vegas Stabbing: Two People Dead And Six Injured On The Strip andrebarreto/Pixabay

A video captured the Las Vegas stabbing suspect interacting with a local news media outlet two days before committing the deadly rampage. Yoni Barrios, the suspect who fatally stabbed two people and wounded six others on the Las Vegas strip on Thursday, was interviewed by NBC Los Angeles sister station Telemundo 52 cameraman Jorge Lopez two days before the attacks.

According to NBC Los Angeles, Barrios was recorded on camera by Lopez outside Los Angeles City Hall soliciting for employment. The suspect went on to say on camera, addressing the crew who was on assignment at the time in the area saying he had lost his home and his belongings and was looking for a fresh start. “He kept telling me, ‘I just want an opportunity, I just want to start from scratch,’” said Lopez.

Up until days after Barrios’ arrest, when the station said Lopez realized his interviewee was the 32-year-old Guatemalan suspect who went on a fatal stabbing spree two days later using a 12-inch knife. Authorities stated that Barrios thought the women were laughing at him and making fun of the way he dressed. At the time of his attack, Barrios was wearing a long-sleeved white chef’s jacket. He had reportedly gone into Wynn casino to seek employment as a chef and had spoken to a casino security guard about selling his knives which he had stashed in a suitcase.

He told the security guard that he was selling them and looking for a job to raise money so he could go back home. Arrest reports said he came to Vegas from Los Angeles hoping to live with a friend but was refused.

Barrios attacked four showgirls and stabbed a total of 8 people after he had approached the women for a photo. However, one showgirl mentioned to police that she felt uncomfortable with his proposal and backed off. Based on witness accounts, he lunged at the woman and stabbed her in the back as she ran. He then came after another woman before making his way down the Strip. Police said Barrios was looking for groups of people he could unleash on and “let his anger out”.

The senseless attack which took place in broad daylight ended with the death of Brent Allan Hallett, 47, and Maris Mareen DiGiovanni, 30, both of whom were part of the Best Showgirls In Vegas modeling and talent agency. Barrios was arrested and is ordered to be held without bail. One of his victims reportedly said the suspect had hoped the police would shoot him.

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