The Legend of Korra
"Legend of Korra" creator reveals Korrasami artwork. Nickelodeon

"The Legend of Korra" season three has only been off the air less than a week and more news about season four has been revealed. Recently the stars of LOK, Janet Varney and David Faustino, sat down with IGN to talk about the season three finale as well as season four. Well now the creators of the series, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, sat down with the site to not only talk about characters from season three but to reveal some news about season four and the upcoming "Legend of Korra" game.

Michael DiMartino starts the conversation talking about the very devastating ending to season three saying, "We wanted to end on a bit of a high note with Jinora getting her airbending tattoos. But at the very end it was a bittersweet victory for Korra and she's got some recovering to do."

They also discussed The Earth Queens death scene saying they wanted to further cement the characters, more importantly the bad guys, motives and actions. "Story wise we weren't trying to do it because we like doing mean things to our characters," said DiMartino. "But we had to back Zaheer's talk to some very serious action."

When asked if they feel like going digital gives them more freedom with Book Four Konietzko revealed that season four of "The Legend of Korra" is essentially done.

"The show is essentially done. We've already written everything, recorded all the preliminary recordings. The dialog has all been story boarded, it's all designed, it's being animated. Mike and I are just working on post the rest of the year." DiMartino agreed saying, "If it would have been on TV or online it would have been the same content."

Konietzko also revealed he feels it would have been more beneficial to have both mediums (TV and digital) as to reach as many people. But he did say he feels Korra will have a long shelf life in terms of DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

As far as what fans can expect from season four DiMartino says as with every season Korra will face a new villain but you shouldn't discount The Red Lotus making an appearance. Check out the full interview below.

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