The Legend of Korra
Nickelodeon's "The Legend of Korra." YouTube/Screenshot

It appears a clip for season four of "The Legend of Korra" has appeared accidentally in a promo trailer for "Book Three: Change." The series is returning to TV under Nickelodeon's sister station Nicktoons and the promo video for the big return showed a few shots that were not actually in season three of the series.

The teaser promo shows a few shots of season four that has Avatar fans in a bit of a frenzy. The noticeably short screenshot is of Kuvira the metal bender. In the promo we see her standing in front of what appears to be a table full of prisoners. The people are all cuffed to the table and look to be of the Earth Kingdom in their green attire. Check out the promo video below!

If you don't know who we are talking about Kuvira first appeared in episode five, "The Metal Clan" as one of Suyin Beifong's dancers in Zaofu. We later learn in episode eight, "The Terror Within," that she is not only a dancer but part of Zaofu's city guard patrol when she takes on the Red Lotus to stop them from kidnapping Korra. We also see her in the season three finale, "Enter the Void," when she saves Korra's father Tonraq when he knocked off the cliff side fighting Zaheer.

We knew Kuvira would have a more prominent role in season four as she was oddly introduced in the finale with much attention to her name and face (see video below). Also the voice actress is Zelda Williams, the late Robin Williams daughter. The clip does raise a few questions like what is Kuvira's role in season four? Many fans have already labeled her the villain because she is seen with prisoners and has a stern look on her face but there is another possibility.

We left season three knowing that the Red Lotus didn't stop with Zaheer and his team so perhaps the prisoners Kuvira has are members or followers of the Red Lotus. And with the truth seers betrayal perhaps it is Captain Kuvira's job to find and obtain Red Lotus members in Zaofu. It wouldn't be the first time we seen a cult following in this series, just look at Amon.

Whatever the case may be it is awesome to know that Kuvira and Zelda Williams will return for "The Legend of Korra" season four.

What do you think Kuvira's role will be in the upcoming season of LOK?

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