A lesbian couple from the United States, who had three young kids together, has been discovered brutally murdered and slaughtered, with their dismembered bodies found in two plastic bags by the side of a road in Mexico on Monday, Jan. 17.

The couple, identified as Julissa Ramirez and Nohemi Median Martinez, both 28, of El Paso, have been confirmed dead after their dismembered remains were found inside two black garbage bags dumped by the side of the road between the city of Ciudad Juarez and the town of El Porvenir, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, on Monday, Jan. 17, the US Sun reported.

The couple reportedly got married on July 20, 2021, and were living in the city of El Paso, across the border in the southern state of Texas. Their mangled remains were discovered about 17 miles apart from each other on a stretch of Juárez-El Porvenir Road. One body was found in the San Agustín neighborhood and the other was found at the entrance of the Jesus Carranza village.

They had three young children: two girls and a boy. Details regarding whether they were adopted or if they were either woman's biological children have not been made available to the public.

The gruesome killing reportedly transpired while the couple was visiting their family members in Ciudad Juárez. Even though the two lived in Texas, they were Mexican citizens, the Independent reported.

The Chihuahua State Attorney General's Office has opened an investigation into the couple's murder. However, no arrests have been registered as of now. The authorities are currently trying to determine the whereabouts and activities of the couple in the hours leading up to their deaths.

Meanwhile, the Committee for Sexual Diversity Director Karen Avizo, fears that the murders could go unsolved like most hate crimes in Mexico’s LGBTQ community.

“The concern is that authorities will absolutely do nothing,” Avizo said. “We feel like we are treated like second-class citizens and that we really don’t matter.”

On Monday, the authorities found the bodies of two other women who had been tortured and shot at an intersection in the Patria-Zaragoza neighborhood, the Daily Mail reported.

One of the victims was discovered dead at the scene. Even though the other victim was rushed to a local hospital, the woman subsequently died from a gunshot wound while being treated. The victims have not been identified. It's unknown, as of press time, if the four murders are connected to one another.

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