Eduardo Yáñez is known in the entertainment world for his explosive personality and a "El Gordo y La Flaca" reporter experienced this first hand. At an event in Los Angeles, Paco Fuentes asked the "Destilando Amor" actor about his thoughts on his son setting up an account online to get crowdfunding to go to a doctor and buy a car. Yáñez was not having the reporter's insistence and got to a point where he slapped him.

Fuentes was a guest on the Univision gossip show to give details on what happened and although Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina don't condone the violent act, they seemed to be defending the actor. Estefan told Fuentes that maybe he would understand when he had kids. The reporter insisted that it had nothing to do with Yáñez son as he made a general query to know his thoughts on going online and asking for funding.

Estefan also said that if she was in that position she would've stopped when Yañez started cursing and would "personally respect him as he started saying he didn't talk about his personal life." Lili went on to soften her stand by saying she would never justify the slap.

The entertainment reporter also said that after the incident he was left thinking if he could've done something different to not cause that reaction from the telenovela star. Raúl de Molina answered "nothing wrong" and Lili chimed in saying "maybe a little psychology." "When you see that Eduardo Yañez gets mad, maybe stop there," she said laughing.

At the end of the interview they both saluted Paco Fuentes for his work, but not before "El Gordo" snuck one last joke at his expense. "At least now we know you can go five rounds with Canelo," he said as Lili laughed and asked what was Paco's best angle. Earlier in the interview they made a point that Fuentes had a noticeable hit in the face as his left eye looked a little droopy. Watch the interaction below and tell us what you think!

Lili Estefan just returned to the show this week after leaving for three weeks following the announcement of her divorce. "It has been difficult days, not just for me, but it has been a hard month for everyone in the world," Estefan said after her much anticipated arrival. "This will be my best therapy every day."

Later on in the show, Estefan went deeper into the topic and she sounded off saying that many things happened after her announcement, the hurricanes, and was left with no electricity for a couple of days. "I work on a show that it's obvious you have to been in a very special mood and during the first weeks I didn't feel that," she told the audience. "I decided to take some time to take care of my kids. I think I have refocused in an incredible way, I think I'm starting a new phase and I wanted to do it like this, happy, positive and looking ahead, and ultimately you will be my best therapy."