Michelin Guide Added Two New Latin American Restaurants in Miami:
Michelin Guide Added Two New Latin American Restaurants in Miami La Mar Miami

Latino foodies in Miami will be excited to find out that the Michelin Guide released its list of new additions to recommended restaurants in Florida, featuring three highlights of Latin American cuisine.

The expert inspectors of this publication spent the entire year meticulously exploring the dining scene in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando to share their new discoveries in the Michelin Guide Florida February 2024, featuring 137 dining options spread across the Sunshine State

Among the 19 newcomers there are eight additions in Miami, two of which specialize in Latin American food.

One of them is Mexican restaurant Pez, which focuses on seafood delicacies prepared with high-quality regional Mexican ingredients. The second is Maty's, inspired by the Peruvian flavors of chef Valerie Chang's childhood and upbringing.

This year's additions include another Latin American restaurant in the list, although this one is located in Tampa. Streetlight Taco is a Mexican restaurant offering more than just tacos, tostadas, and salsas. According to the Michelin guide, it "certainly ups the style quotient on the typical taqueria."

"Don't skip the Sunday snack tostada, an equal parts sweet-and-savory delight with two blue corn tostadas layered with cream cheese, lump crab, diced sweet mango, and a mango habanero sauce. The Japanese eggplant taco with an heirloom bean puree and a chile onza salsa has just the right amount of kick. There's a full bar, but a strawberry horchata goes down perfectly, too," reads a passage of the Guide's description of the restaurant's offering.

Latin American Restaurants in Miami recommended by the Michelin Guide

Mexican Food Restaurant in Miami: Pez

This Mexican food restaurant was one of the new additions in 2024 in the Michelin Guide. "Pop over to Pez in downtown Miami for a taste of Baja. This brightly colored space with pops of red and teal doles out regional Mexican food with real style. The kitchen is laser focused on Baja, expertly preparing seafood specialties with quality products. Warm hospitality enlivens the place, where guests may be greeted with a small cup of seafood broth," describes the website.

And continues: "Choose from an array of tempting menu items but don't skip the Ensenada-style tacos for a true taste of the coast. Classic in that golden-brown, crispy way, it's topped with shredded cabbage slaw for a perfect hit of zing. And, while the usual array of ceviches is on offer, the one to order is the atún con "mashaca," made with diced yellowfin tuna, dried shredded beef and habanero cream for a thoroughly unexpected delight."

  • 20 W. Flagler St., Miami, 33130, USA

2. Peruvian Food Restaurant in Miami: Maty's

"With the beloved Itamae now closed, Chef Valerie Chang strikes out on her own with this full-service follow-up in Midtown. Pulling inspiration from her childhood and from her grandmother, after whom the restaurant is named, Chang uses quality seafood to deliver bright, citrus-forward Peruvian flavors," the Michelin Guide Florida 2024 says.

And follows: "Those who've eaten with Chang before will recognize some of the dishes: Black grouper, kanpachi and ocean trout arrive dressed with the likes of aji dulce, kiwiberries, finger limes and passionfruit. Meaty entrees like chicken milanesa and oxtail saltado strike heavier chords, but we're quite happy to stick with seafood in the grilled dorade with aji amarillo beurre blanc. The bar, meanwhile, offers an appealing roster of pisco-based cocktails."

  • 3255 NE. 1st Ave., Miami, 33137, USA

3. Mexican food restaurant in Miami: Los Félix

This one-Michelin star Mexican restaurant pays homage to indigenous culinary traditions, cultivating a multi-sensory experience rooted in time-honored native ingredients, biodynamic wines and an inviting atmosphere.

The menu at 'Los Félix' boasts a refined variety of Mexican dishes, including tamales, pork cheek 'carnitas', and 'tacos al pastor', as well as 'crudo', sope, 'tetela', and 'tostada'. Michelin particularly recommends trying the "snapper crudo topped with shavings of jicama and avocado aioli; and grilled octopus with beetroot mole."

  • 3432 Main Hwy, Miami

4. Cuban Food Restaurant in Miami: Ariete

Chef Michael Beltran leads this Cuban restaurant in Miami located in Coconut Grove and a holder of one Michelin star. Ariete offers a captivating blend of Cuban and American flavors, showcasing an inventive culinary approach that seamlessly merges the classic with the contemporary.

With its inviting atmosphere and lively ambiance, Ariete stands out as a destination not to be missed for those seeking to explore Latin food and sharing a memorable dining experience. If you have never been to this Cuban restaurant, you can try the 'tasting menu,' to experience the most noteworthy dishes.

  • 3540 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, Miami

5. Peruvian Food Restaurant in Miami: La Mar

Voted as the 'Best Peruvian Restaurant' in the 2023 'Premios Somos,' La Mar, helmed by the renowned Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio (whose restaurants have repeatedly featured among the best in the world) is a must-visit spot in Miami. Whether you're longing for a classic ceviche or the traditional 'causa limeña,' this restaurant recommended by Michelin Guide, features the best of Peruvian cuisine.

"Gastón Acurio and Executive Chef Diego Oka opened this Peruvian hangout on Brickell Key back in 2014, and yet, in a city that prides itself on staying young and looking good, there is still no restaurant that can match these views," describes the Michelin Guide.

  • 500 Brickell Key Dr, Miami

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