Lionel Messi
Watch: Soccer Star Lionel Messi Waves From Airport Window As He Arrives In Paris To Join PSG Photo by Franck Fife/AFP via Getty Images

Star footballer Lionel Messi left FC Barcelona last year, but news over the exit continues to pop up despite both parties moving on.

It was last month that Spanish newspaper El Mundo leaked details of Messi’s contract demands to Barcelona. They reported an email chain between the 35-year-old athlete's father and agent Jorge, along with top Barcelona officials. One of them was about he and the family of Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez having access to the VIP boxes at the Camp Nou. Suarez was still a teammate at that point of time before he left for Atlético de Madrid, reported PSG Talk.

During an interview with Marca, Suarez was asked about the report. He commented on it and downplayed how big a story it is as some are trying to make it back in Spain. Suarez told the Spanish media outlet that it "amuses" him. He said that it is something "very normal in any player, and if you check the contracts of any elite footballer, they should all have their box."

For instance, at Atlético, he had his and in Nacional as well. That’s the reason why all this speculation amuses Suarez. Defending Messi, he said that the Paris Saint-Germain player's thing was to "try to make life easier for the club because, being shared by our two families, it was just a box." He added that it "was more difficult for Barcelona if I had one and Messi had another."

His comment came as no surprise as various players have made such demands. Many superstar players have tried to negotiate certain perks into their contract. For instance, Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard was allowed to take games off to manage his body and to stay in San Diego. So, it would be more surprising if Messi didn’t make demands in his contract negotiations.

Meanwhile, Suarez was also asked if he ruled out playing in Europe again. He answered in affirmation as he already did his European career and he "left there very proud." He had many options before coming to Nacional, but the "meaning of coming to my country was also that -- Groningen, Ajax, Liverpool, Barça, Atlético... What better career than that in Europe!" For this reason, he said that he could not finish, "after Atlético, in another inferior team.

That trajectory was perfect." He shared that he would have lowered the level and that's how he "ended up at the highest level -- Atlético. Hence, it made sense to come to Uruguay, not because it is a minor league, but to close a circle."

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi. Photo by Franck Fife/AFP via Getty Images

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