The fight between Alejandro Fernández and Luis Miguel appears to be over as both sides have come to terms with a resolution to their issue. "We have come to an agreement that will allows us to resolve the differences we had in the past with Mr. Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri and his Lion Productions," the statement read. "We thank the participation of all the people that with good faith and great effort, intervened to resolve such a complex issue." See the statement below and tell us what you think!

The rift between both Mexican stars happened when Alejandro Fernández and Luis Miguel were expected to tour together, but dates were never announced and excited fans were left in the dark. Later it was confirmed that Fernández team was suing "El Sol's" camp for breach of contract and not returning the money he had been given in advance of the planned shows.

It was in February of 2016 when it was announced that the tour was not happening. “Despite the financial and labor-intensive efforts undertaken by Alejandro and his team to put this tour together, including separating dates for the shows planned, today we are sorry to say that the aforementioned tour is in no condition to take place,” reads a statement issued by Star Productions, which represents Fernández. “We are forced to clarify the situation so neither the media, nor promoters nor fans in general are mislead regarding a tour that, at this point, doesn’t exist."

Luis Miguel has another lawsuit pending, which became complicated earlier this year when a judge ordered his arrest for failing to show up to court appearances. The order came after the suit that William Brockhaus -former business manager- filed against "El Sol," which a judge had ruled in his favor last summer, but the Latin star has refused to pay back. Univision also adds that Miguel's defendants were trying to apply for an extension, but the judge did not grant the request.

Brockhaus and Luis Miguel initially met in 1997 at the Camino Real Hotel in El Paso, Texas after the singer’s concert and hit it off since then, only to become close friends. “[Luis Miguel] would regularly travel together including meeting annually for most New Year's Eve and birthday celebrations,” the lawsuit explained.

In 2012, the two reached an agreement to begin working together and Brockhaus quit his job of 22 years to dedicate entirely to Miguel’s career. The deal also entailed that 10 percent of the singer’s earnings per performance would go to Brockhaus, which did not happen."The negotiations, booking, promotions and advertising on behalf of and for [Miguel] were performed in whole or in part in El Paso, Texas with the express knowledge and consent of [Miguel],” the suit stated. The paperwork also indicates the “Suave” singer made over $1.6 million from Texas concerts in cities such as Dallas, Austin, El Paso and San Antonio.