In summer, Venezuelan journalist Desirée Ortiz Salswach, made her romance with Luis Miguel official. Ortiz Salswach told Mexican magazine TV and Novelas that the relationship, in her own words, was on track. "God takes care of what is hidden, he is very well and I am also very well. We met a few months ago," she explained to TV y Novelas back then. She also said if it was love first sight: "It was more energetic, it's no secret that he is handsome and that he is a very successful person, but (our relationship) goes beyond that, everything is very well ... I think (the relationship) is very serious, but I should not be saying any of this."

Apparently, that relationship didn't succeed and months later the Venezuelan was seen with singer Alejandro Fernández in Las Vegas, enjoying a night out surrounded by friends. To immortalize the moment she shared a photo next to "El Potrillo," and two other friends with the caption: "I love you all so bad!"

During their visit to sin city, both were the center of attention from the first moment, however, they never hid and it was evident that they were having a good time. This is not the first time the duo is seeing together, a few days ago she attended one of the singer's shows in the city of Guadalajara.

It is important to remember that both singers have been involved in controversy, after Fernández sued Luismi for breach of contract. For the same reason, when the news of a possible romance between Alejandro and the blonde erupted, the fans went to social networks to express what they thought. "She is just looking to hang on to fame! Her 5 minutes of fame," wrote a Instagram user. "What a shame, really, I thought Luismi had taught you to be discreet but not even that, nor how to help you," wrote another.

Faced with so many negative messages, the journalist shared a photo of her with a deep caption that reads: "We are living in a banal, mortal, virtual world, in which we are invited to love the material, the uncontrolled, the empty, and we are not invited to open our hearts. Now it turns out that having is more important than being (bulls**t) Forgive the expression! Maybe being detached, forgetting about values, about the essentials, leads us to be cool? ARE YOU CRAZY OR WHAT ?" questions the Venezuelan.

"Life is not an emoji, life is values, ideals, responsibilities, put stuff in your chest, have sensitivity, understand that we are all the same, we all have blood in our veins. We need it, open your heart, express what you feel, say what you wish, magic is beyond fear, don't be afraid to let go and escape if you realize that in the place where you are, nothing blooms anymore," she added. 

"I chose to be me and I understood that I'm not Gal Gadot and that I'm not going to save anyone but myself, with my broken jeans, with my smiles, with my thousands of friends! With my personality to give everything, without parameters, without rules, the only and fundamental condition has been 'being myself'.'"

Ortiz ended the message by writing: "I had never waited so long to make what some call a mistake, I have decided to call it an awakening, and what a wake up! I personally don't go through life passing judgments of any kind, I hope you don't either, we come to be happy, that is the priority, so wake up! In a few years you will want to be as old as you are today to do what you are not doing for fear of what they will say. Wake up! Now! I woke up one morning... and I escaped! I threw myself from a boat that I don't even know who is the owner!" she added. 

"There are things that are not negotiated. Big love and the best vibes for everyone. Nothing has been written about the cowards, because everything has been said about the brave and I don't have a a single hair of a coward."

After the message many wonder if she refers to Luis Miguel when she talks about stepping off a boat. What do you think?