According to People En Espanol, Luis Miguel is being sued by his record label Warner Mexico, who accuse him of owing the company nearly US $4 million. In documents of the lawsuit showed in "Suelta la Sopa," the record label asks for the refund of US $3,650,000 that they loaned him in 2014. It is unclear why the record label loaned him that amount of money.

In 2015, Luismi had to present a signed confession before a court in New York, in which he had to renegotiate the date he would return the amount to his label, but El Sol shone by his inability to make this payment. For the same reason, the lawsuit was moved to a Los Angeles court, where he was supposed to be residing.

The lawsuit was sent to his residence, whose owners, by the way, are also suing him for payment delay in the lease. Luis Miguel is not having his best moment legally speaking, as he has been sued by several people ranging from his former manager William Brockhaus, to paparazzi Tony Echeverría and his colleague, Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez.

El Potrillo's office is taking action and suing Luis Miguel after not only breaching a contract that binded the two artists to perform together in a series of concert, but never returning the money he had been given in advance to go on tour; a total of US $6 million.

After being on of the EMI Music Mexico artists, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri signed in 1987 as exclusive artist of WEA Latin, property of Warner Music Mexico.