A 22-year-old Scottish boxer, who stabbed his neighbor to death with a screwdriver in a row over noise, faces life in jail after being convicted of murder.

In March 2021, Shane Young knifed Richard Marshall 40 times with a screwdriver at his house in Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, reported Daily Mail. The young boxer then locked the victim in his flat and fled the scene. Later he told his father that he went "in for the kill."

After being found guilty at the Glasgow High Court Friday, Young now faces a life sentence.

Betty, Marshall's mother, was waiting outside for her son. After she saw a man running from the block of flat, she went to investigate. She said that she got to the stairs and saw a "big man standing with his hand on top of the door." She noticed that the man was covered in blood and then she went to run downstairs and she slipped. The man then told her not to say anything.

Passers-by tried to reach Marshall, but entry was later forced by emergency services. They found him in a pool of blood, but he was breathing. Paramedics worked on him for 40 minutes, but they couldn't save him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

It appeared to have been a bad feeling in the background due to noise or music, prosecutor Greg Farrell told the jury. He said that they know "there was a bad feeling about noise."

Young claimed that it was Marshall who threatened him with a knife. He used his "boxing training" to "get him down and make my escape." He said that he punched Marshall two times then the victim fell and hit his head against objects. The weapon used in the murder was not recovered.

Young said that Marshall was very aggressive and kept coming, and "I defended myself by striking him to the side which caused all the puncture wounds." He claimed that he dropped his key during the struggle. He went back to get it and noticed Marshall was still moving.

Judge Lord Young told the boxer that he had been "convicted of a charge of murder and the only sentence is life imprisonment." The accused, who appeared from custody, shook his head as he was led into jail to continue his remand, reported Scottish Daily Express.

According to Glasgow Times, the sentence was deferred pending background reports until end of September.

Representation Image Set of Screwdrivers on table Efraimstochter/ Pixabay