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A man in Southampton, Hampshire who brutally attacked a fellow pubgoer with a baseball bat in August was sentenced to 32 months in jail. Lewis Kerby, 27, stood trial at the Southampton Crown Court where video footage was shown of the incident at the Robin Hood pub. Kerby could be seen hitting the pubgoer with the bat until it broke in half.

Warning: Graphic content

The court heard that Kerby had gone over to his car to get the baseball bat upon concern for his friend who had engaged in a fight with the individual, Daily Echo reported. Khalid Missouri, mitigating, told the court that Kerby had no intention to use the bat for violence and that it had been in his car along with other toys for his family.

In a statement from the investigation lead for the Hampshire Constabulary DC Hayley Channell, he said the incident is considered to be serious being also that it was witnessed by many.

Kerby, who works as a boat maintenance crew claimed he genuinely felt his friend’s life was in danger and proceeded to help him. He came at his friend’s attacker and struck him once on the shoulder before bashing the bat onto him once more. The victim, who remains unnamed, fell to the ground and witnesses said Kerby continued to hit him even as he lay on the ground injured.

Police responded to the scene and had the victim taken to the Southampton General Hospital. He was diagnosed to have suffered an open skull fracture. He was reportedly released from the hospital two days after the incident but had to return a day later due to some discharge from his wound. The victim endured blood clots that had to be removed and required a metal plate to be screwed in place.

Prosecutor Roderick Blain told the court that the victim felt like he was going to die and that his attacker’s actions were beyond justification. Missouri argued Kerby has had no run-ins with the law and was not out to seek violence. He only had a genuine concern for the safety of his friend.

However, the court also had to note that Kerby struck his victim five times. Judge Nicholas Rowland also said he found Kerby’s actions of self-defense to be completely over the top. Kerby admitted to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

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