A teenager killed his 18-year-old pregnant ex-girlfriend by slashing her throat with a knife and smashing her with a hammer during a heated argument.

The incident occurred on Monday, July 19, at a home in the 5000 block of De Bore Circle, in Gentilly Woods, a neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The suspect, identified as Alvin Severin Jr. admitted to killing the pregnant teen, however, he claimed he blacked out during the fatal attack.

Severin also claimed that he never meant to hurt the girl, investigators stated in criminal court records.

The deceased teen has not been named by the authorities.

Citing Severin’s alleged confession, police said he and the victim, who was five months pregnant, got into an argument on Monday evening.

The suspect allegedly claimed that the victim threatened "to have him killed if he did not take care of their unborn child".

He said he got so angry during the argument that he "blacked out," investigators stated in the court documents.

Investigators said the suspect slit the girl’s throat with a knife and then smashed her face with the forked end of a hammer before carrying her to the backyard and dumping the body near a shed.

The suspect claimed he regained consciousness when he was woken up by his grandmother after she found the girl’s body in the backyard, police said.

The police were alerted and officers were dispatched to the crime scene where they located the teen girl’s bloodied body.

Severin was taken into custody without incident. He is facing one count of second-degree murder. A judge set his bond at $750,000 during his court appearance on Tuesday.


Neighbors who spoke to FOX 8 said they were shocked after learning about the details of the murder. 

 "Oh my god," neighbor Joycelyn Hayes said. "[He] had to have a mental breakdown. If this is supposed to be his baby and all that, he was probably shocked about that because the family has had no kind of scandals or anything."

"This child just graduated from high school. Just started working and everything," Hayes says.

Another neighbor, Janice Collins said that the suspect didn’t look like someone who would commit a murder.

"He just didn’t seem like a child that would do something like that ya know?" Collins says. "He’s a very meek and mild person."

"[He] was friendly when he’d pass by. He would blow and wave at us when he would see us outside ya know," Collins added. "We’re shocked."


Murder Representation image. Pixabay