Man City star Benjamin Mendy rape accuser "looked like she had seen a ghost" moments after coming out from a bedroom where the footballer allegedly raped her thrice, her friend said.

The friend told Chester Crown Court that she had gone to look for the 20-year-old after she had gone missing with Mendy for around 20 minutes during a party. It was happening at the Manchester City defender's mansion in Cheshire, reported Sky Sports.

The witness told the court that she found her friend coming downstairs from a bedroom. Prosecuting, Timothy Cray QC asked the friend, "How did she look to you?" The witness replied that the young woman "looked like she had seen a ghost. She looked blank. She looked dead." The trial heard that moments later, the rape complainant told her friend that she was "very keen" to go back home. Once they reached her home, the 20-year-old told her friend that she was "fine" and tried "brushing off" the incident.

The morning after the incident, the complainant said that Mendy had promised not to touch her if she stripped while he looked at her. But then he "forced" her down on a bed and raped her, said the witness. The two young women had been among a group of four friends who went back to Mendy's house in Cheshire after drinks at a nearby bar on Oct. 11, 2020.

The court was also told that Mendy forced the woman onto a bed and "tried to put his thing in her bum," reported Daily Star.

Mendy is accused of one count of attempted rape, eight counts of rape, and one count of sexual assault, relating to seven women, but he has denied all the allegations.

According to Mirror, when he was arrested and cautioned for rape, Mendy allegedly asked police “How many stories like this do you have?” According to Detective Constable Luke Browczuk, who went to the 28-year-old's house, the footballer asked the question as he was being arrested for allegedly raping a woman in his bedroom in October 2020.

During the trial, Cray QC read out the statement of the officer. He said that, when he cautioned the footballer and asked if he understood, the athlete's response was, “I understand what you are doing, your job and stuff. How many stories like this do you have?”

Benjamin Mendy
Manchester City and France footballer Benjamin Mendy arrives to Chester Crown Court in northwest England on August 15, 2022 for his trial for the alleged rape and assault of seven women. - Mendy, 28, who faces eight counts of rape, one count of sexual assault and one count of attempted rape, relating to seven young women, could see his playing career end in jail if convicted. Photo by Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images