A man reportedly died after his son attacked him and kicked him in his chest over a verbal dispute while being intoxicated in Kerala, India on Tuesday, April 5.

The victim, identified as Balakrishna Naik, and his son, Narendra Prasad, were reportedly engaged in a shouting match while both were in an inebriated state on Monday night. However, even though they seemingly talked out their indifferences and headed to bed, another heated argument broke out between them in the early morning the next day. As their confrontation escalated, the accused, in a fit of rage, allegedly brutally kicked his father in the chest, Mathrubhumi reported.

The physical attack reportedly left the victim suffering severe and painful injuries to his torso, as well as a blood clot in his organs. The patriarch Naik subsequently succumbed to his fatal injuries and died.

Following his death, the father's body was taken for a postmortem examination at Government Medical College in Kannur, Kerala, India. After the autopsy, the body was turned over to the victim's family members and was cremated. Prasad has been taken into police custody.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man allegedly brutally stabbed his father to death after the patriarch refused to give him a cigarette in Barpeta district, Assam, India on Feb. 22, Latin Times reported.

The accused, identified as Samsul Hoque, 30, allegedly asked his father Lalmiya, 50, to share with him a beedi to smoke. Beedi is a thin cigarette filled with tobacco flake and commonly wrapped in a tendu found in India. However, after smoking the first beedi, Hoque asked his father for another one.

Upon the suspect's second request, the father refused to share any more cigarettes and began verbally abusing his son. A heated argument quickly ensued between the two. During the confrontation, Hoque, in a fit of rage, pulled out a sharp weapon and began stabbing his father to death. Following the incident, villagers notified the local police. Officers immediately rushed to the spot and apprehended the accused. After the authorities interrogated the suspect, Hoque confessed to the alleged crime.

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