A 15-year-old boy allegedly killed his father with an ax after the dad threatened to throw him out of the house if he didn’t do well in his exams in Guna district, Madhya Pradesh, India on Saturday, April 2.

The 46-year-old victim, Dulichand Ahirwar, the owner of a medical shop, was reportedly found dead inside his residence on Saturday, April 2. When the authorities interrogated the victim's son, the minor tried to frame a neighbor who was not on good terms with his family for the suspected murder.

He claimed that his father was killed by his neighbor Virendra Ahirwar and that he saw the man and another person fleeing their home after the killing. He added that Virendra had fought with his father over a drain and had also threatened the patriarch with dire consequences during their heated argument, Hindustan Times reported.

However, after the officers detained the neighbor and questioned him regarding the murder, it was found that Ahirwar was probably killed by a family member, as the residence's doors were locked from the inside when the crime happened. The authorities immediately suspected the son because he was the one who discovered the body before anyone else.

After the police took the boy in once again for interrogation, he finally confessed to killing his father. He admitted that he murdered his father because he had threatened that if he does not pass all his exams, he will throw him out of the house.

Since he was afraid of failing and being cut off, he decided to murder his father. He had attacked his father with an ax while the victim was asleep. After killing his father, the boy then burnt his fingers with a candle so that fingerprint on the ax wouldn't match his.

Axe stumped on a cut tree
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