A man allegedly ended up killing his live-in partner after brutally pouncing her for now asking permission to use his phone charger over in the Lugboh area.

The man was identified as Hasan Taiwo. He is being accused of beating up Chibuzor Aloh to death for using his phone charger without permission. Aloh is a mother to four children per reports.

Based on reports, Aloh had taken the charger of Taiwo without permission and this angered Taiwo. He allegedly ended up beating her up with Aloh fainting during the incident.

“Last week Wednesday, the husband beat his wife because she took his phone charger. He beat her till she fainted. He left her and walked away. Their children called the attention of neighbors who gave her first aid and revived her,” an unnamed neighbor stated.

According to neighbors, Aloh had hit her head to a wall as the man was beating her. This was where she fainted with the man leaving her.

However, the woman reportedly ended up locking herself in a room rather than having herself medically checked. The eldest of the children called for help once more to bring the woman to the hospital. Aloha was reportedly pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The body of the woman is at the National Hospital morgue. The husband reportedly fled after learning that the body was at the morgue.

“Taiwo is a young, vibrant man. He would spend money to take care of himself, but would allow the woman to look haggard. She was the one that always provided for the house by making snacks for sale. She also offered laundry and other services that would fetch money for the family upkeep. Even the money she saved up and gave for Taye to pay her bride price was used by the latter to buy a car,” the neighbor added.

The incident was confirmed by CT Police Command spokesperson, ASP Mariam Yusuf. She said that the case is currently under investigation.

“The command is aware of the unfortunate incident in Lugbe involving the death of one Chibuzor. We are presently investigating the incident. The public will be informed of the true situation as soon as we are through with our investigation,” Yusuf stated.

Representation image: phone charger
Representation image: phone charger Photo by Marcus Urbenz on Unsplash

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