A man in New Jersey was able to survive a nine-story fall from a high-rise, damaging a luxury vehicle as police investigate the alleged botched suicide attempt on Wednesday, Oct. 6.

The man from Jersey City, who has refused to identify himself, was seen by a woman walking in the area as he crashed down into a black BMW 330i before standing up, wounded, and asking the woman “What happened?” according to the New York Post.

“I heard a big boom and I didn’t think it was a person at first,” onlooker Christina Smith said. “The back window of the car just busted out — exploded. Then the guy jumped up and started screaming. His arm was all twisted. I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I was shocked. It was like being in a movie.”

“I was thinking, thank God, it probably helped that he had a fluffy jacket on,” she added.

Smith then immediately called 911 while taking pictures and videos of the unidentified man screaming in pain as he contended with the injuries he sustained from what is believed to have been a 100-foot fall from a ninth-floor window.

“He fell into the car through the sunroof, then climbed out of the car and fell on the ground. He was trying to get up but people were trying to get him to stay down —‘You don’t know how hurt you are,’” Mark Bordeaux, a worker of the building, said.

He was subsequently brought to the hospital for treatment. The man has refused to provide his name or answer questions, and it is unclear why he was in the building in the first place as he appears to not work in the area.

According to Bordeaux, the man had asked the people who surrounded him to leave him alone and to let him die.

“He wanted to die. That was his agenda. But God had something else in mind,” Bordeaux said.

The mortality rate of falling down 84 feet or around 7-stories tall, is around 90 percent. Many people who jump at that height rarely survive the fall long enough to tell the tale, according to Recoil Offgrid Magazine.

Survivors of a fall do not often live long. In November 2019, a 7-year-old boy from Brooklyn survived a nine-story fall, only to succumb to his fatal injuries later a health facility.

A man, who has refused police attempts to identify him, jumped out of a nine-story building and survived in what has been speculated as a suicide attempt gone wrong. @Christinaabri_/Instagram

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