A man who was arrested after human remains were found in his refrigerator in Soweto, South Africa reportedly attempted suicide anew to evade court on Monday, Nov. 22.

Flavio Hlabangwane, 26, reportedly attempted to take his own life for the second time to evade court after dismembered human remains were discovered in a refrigerator in his room. He was arrested two weeks ago after his girlfriend made the gruesome discovery in the Protea Glen Ext 28 home on Saturday, Nov. 13, while Hlabangwane had gone out grocery shopping, News24 reported.

“The girl, about 20 to 21 years old, had woken up and told him she was hungry. He said there was no food in the house and went to the shops. While he was away she looked in the fridge to see if there was anything she could eat. Instead, she saw the plastic bags. She opened a bag and saw a hand,” Cindi Dlamini, who lives nearby, explained about what had happened on Saturday, Nov. 13.

Hlabangwane made a brief appearance in the Protea Glen Magistrate's court and has been charged with murder.

Hlabangwane's lawyer has launched an application to have an inquiry into his mental state following his second suicide attempt. The accused had previously attempted suicide the day he was arrested.

"This is the second attempt on his life. The first one was on the day of his arrest, where we are told that he tried to cut his wrists and was taken to hospital before he came to appear (last week) Monday. Today earlier on, we are told that he tried to overdose on the medication that he received on the first occasion when he attempted to commit suicide," said Phindi Mjonodwane, Outside court National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson.

Mjonodwane added that the court will decide if the accused should undergo mental observation after hearing all the evidence.

Meanwhile, Magistrate David Mhango ordered Hlabangwane to be placed in the hospital section at Johannesburg prison, TimesLIVE reported.

The identity of the deceased has not yet been confirmed. However, it has been widely speculated that the human remains discovered in his refrigerator belong to a female related to Hlabangwane.

Meanwhile, angry Soweto residents said that they want Hlabangwane to be released on bail so they can “deal with him,”

The case will be back in court on Nov. 30.

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