An Indian man received the death penalty from a judge Wednesday for kidnapping, raping, and killing a young girl in a brutal display of murder and aggression that shocked many people.

Bharatkumar Dhaniram Kori, a 33-year-old man from Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, was convicted under the Sexual Offenses Act and the Indian Penal Code for the rape and murder of an unnamed 7-year-old, according to Devdiscourse.

Kori, who worked at a power loom nearby, was a regular at a food place run by the girl’s mother. He went to the shop for lunch and dinner while working in the area. On Dec. 21, 2019, he lured the girl away from the shop with ice cream before abducting and raping her in a secluded place, Hindustan Times reported.

After the brutal sexual assault, Kori smashed her head in with a stone, effectively killing her because he realized that she knew him well enough to identify him to authorities. When police officers found the girl’s body, authorities arrested Kori with the help of some witnesses.

“Around 25 witnesses, including two minors, were examined in the case. The accused’s DNA reports also matched, which was prime evidence for us. In the police investigation, it was also found that the accused was booked earlier in an attempt-to-murder case in his village in Uttar Pradesh,” prosecutor Sanjay More said.

“After examining all the witnesses and evidence, the special POCSO court of Judge Shirbhate announced the death sentence in the case on Wednesday,” Moore continued.

Calling it the “rarest of rare cases,” the Special POCSO judge KD Shirbate gave Kori the death penalty, bringing relief to many of the family members of the deceased girl even as they continue to grieve her death.

“These past three years have been really tough. The family was hoping for justice, and it was delivered. But nothing can bring back the innocent child,” one of the family members said to the press.

Convicted rapist and murderer Bharatkumar Dhaniram Kori was given the death penalty in India on Wednesday for the kidnapping, rape, and murder of a local 7-year-old. This is a representational image. Mathew MacQuarrie/Unsplash.

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