A 47-year-old married man allegedly killed himself by consuming pesticide after his neighbor stopped talking to him. The incident happened in a village in the Nagpur district of Maharashtra, India.

Bharat Andelkar, 47, a farmer by profession, who was married and has two children, reportedly tried to become friends with a 37-year-old married woman in his neighborhood. However, when the woman, who is also a farm laborer, stopped talking to Andelkar, he allegedly became angry, walked over to her house, and stabbed her with a knife on Sunday morning, Feb. 13, the New Indian Express reported.

The woman sustained injuries in the attack. Following the violence, the victim approached the police and lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against Andelkar.

Meanwhile, after stabbing and injuring the woman, Andelkar went to an agricultural field in Adyal village on Sunday evening, Feb. 13, and took his own life by consuming pesticide.

In a similar but unrelated story, an Indian man reportedly killed himself by jumping from a bridge after his girlfriend broke up with him and married another person in Kuwait in June 2017, NDTV reported.

The Interior Ministry reportedly received a distress call from a motorist saying that a person had jumped off a bridge on Maghreb Motorway and had fallen on his vehicle. Following this, they decided to check CCTV surveillance footage at the location and discovered that the man had taken his own life.

After a team of rescuers went to the scene, they discovered the man dead and also found a suicide note in his possession. The suicide note was addressed to his lover and it read "life makes no meaning without you."

Dead body
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