A 29-year-old man hanged himself to death a day after his pregnant wife attempted suicide.

According to the police, the deceased man was found hanging from a ceiling fan in the bedroom of his home in Gokhalenagar, Pune, India on Sunday, Aug.22.

His 26-year-old wife had attempted to kill herself on Saturday morning, police said. The pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital after she consumed toilet cleaner.

"The woman (26), in an advanced stage of pregnancy, was rushed to the Sassoon General Hospital on early Saturday morning. Doctors treated her and declared her and the fetus out of danger. Her condition is stable," the Times of India quoted, Senior Inspector Rajkumar Waghchaure of the Chatushrungi police as saying.

As it was a clear case of suicide, the hospital management alerted the police, and officers were dispatched to the scene.

Responding officers were able to record the woman’s statement while she lay on the hospital bed.

In the statement, the woman blamed her husband to be responsible for her suicide attempt. Based on her complaint, the police registered a case of domestic violence against her husband.

On Sunday morning, the man visited the hospital and engaged in a heated argument with his wife and her family, police said.

He then went home and took the extreme step.

Later that night, the man’s brother came to the home and found his sibling hanging from the ceiling fan.

A suicide note believed to be written by the deceased man was recovered from the home, police said.

"We have recovered a two-page note, purportedly written by the man himself, from the spot. We shall get it verified by the handwriting experts. It blames the parents of his wife and other in-laws for harassing him and meddling in his family matters, which drove him to commit suicide. The note states that he was reeling from debt after his in-laws had borrowed Rs1.3 lakh from him and he himself had borrowed money from many people," the police officer said.

The police have not publicly identified the victim and his wife. This is an ongoing investigation and no further details were revealed at the time of this writing.

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