A man reportedly killed his wife over burnt turtle curry and buried her body in the backyard of his house in Routpada village, Sambalpur, Odisha, India.

The incident came to light after the body of the woman was exhumed by the police on Thursday, Oct. 20. However, the incident was believed to have taken place around one and a half months ago.

On the day of the crime, the accused, identified as Ranjan Bading, reportedly brought a turtle home and asked his 35-year-old wife Sabitri Bading to cook it. After handing the turtle over to her, Ranjan went out. However, when Ranjan returned back home for lunch in an inebriated state, he found that the turtle curry that his wife had made was slightly burnt, NDTV reported.

Enraged over this, Ranjan started a heated argument with Sabitri. As the argument escalated, in a fit of rage, Ranjan started thrashing Sabitri. He thrashed her so badly that she lost consciousness. After she lost consciousness, Ranjan left her home. However, when he came back home a few hours later, he found that Sabitri had died.

Following this, Ranjan reportedly buried the body in the backyard of the house. After burying her body, he told his neighbors, relatives, and everyone in the village that Sabitri had run away from the house, the New Indian Express reported.

However, last Tuesday, the mother of the deceased informed Jamankira police and filed a missing complaint alerting them that Sabitri had been missing for over a month. Based on the complaint filed by the deceased's mother, an investigation was launched into the incident. When the officers asked Ranjan over the phone about his wife, he said she had run away.

However, when a team of police went to the village, confronted him, and asked him about his wife, Ranjan tried to flee the scene. Following this, the police officers and villagers chased him and overpowered him. When interrogated, Ranjan confessed to the crime and narrated the horrifying ordeal. He told the officers that he had killed Sabitri and that he had buried his wife in the backyard of the house. Following the confession, the accused was arrested.

The body was exhumed on Thursday, Oct. 20, and was sent to Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR) for an autopsy.

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