An Orange County man has been accused of brutally beating his father to death after a heated argument over a television became physical on Sunday, Nov. 28.

Mario Tarabillo-Justiniano, 32, is facing a second-degree murder charge after he allegedly bludgeoned his own father Mario Enrique Tarabillo, 59, to death following an explosive confrontation sparked by the purchase of a new television at the accused's apartment in the 4300 block of Urbana Drive on Sunday, Nov. 28, ClickOrlando reported.

After thrashing his father and rendering the victim unconscious, Tarabillo-Justiniano reportedly frantically called 911, informed the police that he had gotten into a fight with his father, and stated that he did not know whether his father was dead or alive.

After officers rushed to the accused's apartment, they found the victim lying on the floor, his eyes swollen shut and covered in blood, with visible injuries on his forehead. Officers said that the bruises on the victim's body showed that the patriarch had suffered a severe beating. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, WESH reported.

When investigators questioned Tarabillo-Justiniano, he stated that he had told his father that he wanted to buy a new television. However, he said that his dad insisted on wanting to give him an older one. This led to an argument between the father and the son.

Tarabillo-Justiniano said that his father called him a “piece of (expletive),” and tried to walk past him. However, when he refused to get out of his father’s way, the dad allegedly punched Tarabillo-Justiniano in the face.

The accused told the officers that he got enraged after the attack. He proceeded to punch his father in the face three or four times in retaliation, put him in a chokehold, and threw him to the ground, WFTV reported.

Tarabillo-Justiniano claimed that he attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on his father when he noticed that he was unconscious. However, deputies said that Tarabillo-Justiniano changed his account of the incident multiple times. At first, he said that he gave his father chest compressions for about 15 minutes. Later, he changed the statement and said that it was likely closer to 30 minutes.

Officers noted that the bruising on Tarabillo-Justiniano's eye proved consistent with having been punched in the face. However, they added that the father’s injuries did not appear consistent with someone who was punched three or four times in self-defense.

The victim was reportedly in a weak condition due to a kidney transplant he had two years before. He was preparing to receive another surgery in the next 30 days because of complications with the first transplant.

Tarabillo-Justiniano is currently being held at Orange County Jail without bond and is facing a second-degree murder charge.

A man has been accused of heinously attacking his grandmother with a blade and hammer before proceeding to watch television while she bled to death at Korukkupet, Tamil Nadu, India on Tuesday, Sept. 20. This is a representational image. mohammed_hassan/ Pixabay

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