Crime Scene
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An unnamed man from Kenya got a sound beating from locals after a schoolgirl sought help following a sexual assault. The man, whose name was not disclosed, allegedly offers two girls a ride home as they were returning from school on May 12.

The two high school students were on their way home when the man offered them a ride. It was not mentioned if the two girls knew the man personally.

As they were on their way, one of the girls was safely dropped at her stop. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the second one. Rather than take her straight home, the man brought her to a secluded area in the Ngecha area of Limuru, Kenya where he reportedly molested the high school girl in the bushes.

After the sexual assault, the man and the victim resumed their journey. But when both came across some tea pickers, the girl screamed for help near the Ngecha area. Hearing her call for help, tea pickers came to her aid and pounded on the suspect. The whole incident was captured on video.

Last year, Kenya’s president ordered a probe on the rising cases of violence against women and girls during the pandemic. Lockdowns have sparked a rise in cases with women and girls more isolated and vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Actual numbers are unavailable but proof of the alarming rise in cases was seen via the surge in calls to helplines, Reuters reported. Cases have surged more than 10-fold since lockdown measures were imposed in March of last year.

At the time, Uhuru Kenyatta directed the National Crime Research Centre to prepare an advisory to security agencies on remedial action within 30 days and start immediate prosecution of all violators.

“We get all kinds of cases - some are psychological torture, others are physical assault, rape and defilement. We also have cases of child marriage and female genital mutilation being reported, but these are few as much of it is hidden,” helpline’s director Fanis Lisiagali stated.

Crime Scene
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