A man from Georgia reportedly went all the way to Chicago to kill his ex-wife in an apparent murder-suicide on Monday afternoon, after the woman became a prominent figure on TikTok following opening up about how hard it was to divorce her husband.

Sania Khan, a 29-year-old photographer living in Chicago, was found dead from a shot in the head by police officers in her apartment, with her 36-year-old ex-husband Raheel Ahmad also discovered dead of a gunshot wound in her bedroom alongside a suicide note and a Glock handgun, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Khan, who used to work as a flight attendant and a social worker while freelancing on the side as a travel photographer, was living in Chicago after leaving Ahmad last winter and divorcing him soon after. Grant, a camera operator in the city, said that Khan was planning on moving back to Tennessee to plan the “next part” of her photography career.

“You were stepping into the next chapter of your life when you left us,” he said, “and I hope that wherever you are this next chapter brings you the happiness and success you were always wanting.”

Khan was well-known on TikTok for the videos that she made about how hard it was to get a divorce from her husband as a South Asian woman. She indicated in the videos her struggles to not feel the pressure from her parents to not dissolve her union, with some of her family members reportedly threatening suicide if she divorces, the New York Post reported.

“Going through a divorce as a South Asian woman feels like you failed at life sometimes,” she posted once. “The way the community labels you, the lack of support you receive, and the pressure to stay with someone because ‘what will people say’ makes it harder for women to leave marriages that they shouldn’t have been in to begin with.”

Ahmad was reportedly a controlling presence in her life, with her friend Gabriella Bordo claiming that he “monitored what she wore” and how she looked like, and prevented her from hanging out with people he didn’t like.

“There was no reconciling,” Bordo said. “This man did not go there to salvage a marriage. He went there with a gun for a reason.”

A woman working as a photographer in Chicago and who was well-known for her TikToks about divorce was found dead with her ex-husband in what is suspected to be a murder-suicide by authorities. This is a representational image. Marco Xu/Unsplash.

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