A man has been nabbed by police following the gruesome discovery in Puebla City on Friday that he was in possession of a bag containing the severed heads of his in-laws.

The suspect, Juan Carlos “N,” 28, was reportedly spotted coming out of his car in a suspicious manner while carrying a plastic bag. He was spotted stopping shortly to urinate on the public highway over the Mexico Bridge before again dragging the bag and attempting to throw it in a nearby river, Today in 24 reported.

Secretariat for the Security of Citizens (SSC) officers subsequently flagged the man down, sparking a short police pursuit after the suspect attempted to flee on foot.

When the cops finally caught up with him, officers searched the man and to their surprise, uncovered two human heads inside a black bag he was carrying, according to RemoNews.

The suspect, who reportedly worked at a gas station, was also said to be very nervous when questioned by the cops, who noted that he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol during his arrest.

Although the man initially told detectives that a third party hired him to dump the human remains, he confessed a few minutes later to his grim crimes.

He said he murdered his in-laws out of rage after they had thrown him, his wife, and their daughter out of their own home. He also claimed that the deceased couple used to abuse his wife but he still agreed to live with them on the property out of respect to his partner's parents.

Following his arrest on Friday, Juan Carlos confirmed that the decapitated bodies of his in-laws were left inside a house in the Villa Posadas neighborhood, Mexico News Daily noted.

By Saturday morning, the bodies presumed to be the parents-in-law were reportedly recovered in a property at the side of the Boulevard San Felipe after SSC officers secured the parameters of the home.

Police also found Juan Carlos’ wife and parents on the property. Police now suspect them of participating in the crime.

The State Attorney General’s Office later arrived at the home to begin their investigations.

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