A man has been arrested by police in Kenya after he tried to stab 20-year-old Faith Makau to death. There are conflicting reports about the relationship between the accused and the victim. While some sources claim that they were lovers, the woman reportedly revealed that she was not romantically involved with the accused.

The incident took place on Thursday, Aug. 19 in the Katumba area of Mwingi town in the Kitui County of Kenya. The accused and the victim knew each other well and had been studying at the Kenya Medical Training College together. They also were members of the youth group of their local church.

According to The Star, Makau and her unnamed assailant were in a romantic relationship. The initial reports indicated that the couple had been living in a rented home together. Getting into an argument with the woman, the accused stabbed her.

However, The Standard reported that the accused and the victim merely knew each other and were not romantically involved. Speaking about the incident, Makau said that she had left her rented home to go to a shop sometime before 9:00 a.m. On her way, she was stopped by the 24-year-old accused.

The man asked Makau if she could help her take some musical instruments from his home to the church. Not finding his approach suspicious, the woman accompanied him to his house. Inside the home, the woman noticed two knives. She started to get suspicious when the man locked the main door behind them.

He then confronted the woman about being rejected. He had asked her out on several occasions to which she had rejected him. He told her that if she would not date him then he would kill her. The accused first cut the woman’s index finger. He then stabbed her thrice in the abdomen.

Pretending to had died the woman collapsed. When the man walked out of the home the woman tried to escape. Weakened by the attack, the woman staggered out of the home. She was not able to go far as the accused was on his way back into the house.

The woman cried out for help. Hearing the commotion, the neighbours intervened. They took the woman to Mwingi Level 4 Hospital. They tried to lynch the accused but were stopped by the police. The accused sustained injuries when the mob beat him up. He had to be admitted to a hospital. A hospital staff revealed that some locals barged into the hospital to threaten the accused. The man will be charged once released from the hospital.

Bloody Knife
A Kenyan man was reportedly murdered and skinned in a bizarre attack on the night before his daughter's dowry ceremony. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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