A man who was posing as a doctor was found dead after jumping from a high-rise. Police discovered the body of his deceased partner in their rented home. 41-year-old Olga Noskova had been brutally murdered before 46-year-old Alexey Filippov jumped to his death. Police launched a murder investigation but believe that there are no other suspects.

Friends of Filippov noted that he often got into “scandals” due to his “jealousy”. It is unclear if it was jealousy that claimed the life of his partner and him. The man was found dead outside the residential building in Moscow, Russia where he had been living with his partner.

After the man was found dead, police were alerted of the incident. Entering the 17th floor home of the couple, they found the headless body of Noskova. Her head was found inside a plastic bag belonging to the vegan store VEGO. The woman’s body had several stab wounds and her heart was missing from her body as well. Filippov’s body also had multiple stab wounds.

The police records noted that a woman born in 1979 was found deceased. Her body had multiple stab wounds to her chest and abdomen. Her head was separated from her body. Records also showed that the deceased man born in 1974 had injuries that were characteristic of a fall from a great height.

Reconstructing the crime, the investigators believe that Filippov attacked Noskova with a knife. Stabbing her to death he removed her heart and decapitated her. He then stabbed himself multiple times before jumping 170 feet to his death, The Daily Star reported. The reason behind the murder-suicide was not made clear. The man had left behind an ambiguous suicide note in the apartment. The note read: “The more truth, the cleaner this world. I love you.”

The owner of the apartment, Petr Sholom said that he had believed that the man was a doctor. As Filippov appeared to be clean-shaven and neat the apartment owner trusted him. He claimed that the man never drank or smoked and had a positive attitude.

There are conflicting reports about what Filippov’s real occupation was. Some sources claim that he was a qualified nurse, not a doctor. Other sources claim that he sold dietary supplements and homemade homeopathic medicines.

Russian Investigative Committee is investigating the deaths. They do not believe that any other suspects were involved.

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