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When it comes to terrorism, the United States does not take anything lightly. The case of 33-year-old Mohamed Fathy Suliman is a bit creepy, alleging he turns into a “Jihadist Muslim” if he does not take his medication. But it appears it goes beyond that.

Suliman was charged on Tuesday after allegedly attempting to join ISIS. The federal grand jury in Gainesville formally booked the US citizen for attempting to provide material support for a designated foreign terrorist organization per court records. The 33-year-old, if convicted, is facing up to 20 years in prison, AP News reported.

"Protecting national security is a top priority of this office," Lawrence Keefe, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Florida, said in a statement. "We are absolutely committed to deterring, disrupting and dismantling the plans of anyone who seeks to support a designated foreign terrorist organization."

It was in June 2014 when Suliman took a one-way flight from Orlando to Alexandria, Egypt. Along the way, he had stops in Chicago and Istanbul. Instead of proceeding to Egypt, he paid cash for a one-way airline ticket to the Turkish-Syrian border town of Gaziantep, Turkey according to officials.

This led to his arrest by Turkish authorities with the 33-year-old being accused of illegally crossing Syrian borders. He was deported back to the United States.

Through the course of the investigation, it was found in Suliman’s emails that he had attachments that contained various audio files that consisted of messages calling for jihad.

An investigator testified that Suliman allegedly gets depressed and manic if he does not receive medication. This was the part where he allegedly turns from a moderate Muslim into a “Jihadist Muslim.”

Regardless, the 33-year-old will now have to wait for his arraignment hearing to see what lies ahead. This is set for next Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. EST. As mentioned earlier, he faces up to 20 years in prison if he is convicted and faces a fine of $250,000.

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