A man who posed as a female gynecologist on Facebook to fool dozens of women into sending photos of their genitalia has been sentenced to jail in Singapore.

The accused, identified as Ooi Chuen Wei, 37, from Malaysia, set up a fake profile on Facebook styling himself as “Dr. Janice Lee Yan Hooi” from “Gleneagles Medical Singapore.” He then contacted several women online, asking them to fill out surveys that included questions about their genitals and sex lives. He was found guilty of “cheating by personation” and was sentenced to three years and four months in prison, CNN reported.

Wei reportedly used a random photograph of a Malaysian woman as his profile picture. To make his account seem more legitimate, he also added both male and female Facebook friends and created an Instagram and LinkedIn profile using the same name.

He then identified female victims and sent them a message introducing himself as Dr. Lee and offered to share a medical plan for monthly consultations which was approved by “Gleneagles Medical Centre”. He then sent the victims instructions on how to conduct a massage of their breasts and genital area. He then asked them to send him videos of them doing so in order to enable him to diagnose any health issues, so that he could provide them with a treatment plan, the Straits Times reported.

“This was essentially a telemedicine ruse by the accused. The accused downloaded and saved the videos and pictures after he received them… The victims believed the accused’s elaborate lies,” Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) R. Arvindren said.

Over a period of the last four years, the accused duped 38 women and received close to 1,000 intimate photos and videos.

The offenses finally came to light when a woman, who had grown suspicious of Wei found out that there was no such doctor and lodged a complaint with the police.

Following the girl's complaint, the police then raided Wei’s home and seized his devices. During the investigation and questioning by police, the accused admitted to tricking women and was finally arrested on Nov 11, 2021.

Meanwhile, R. Arvindren asked for a prison sentence of at least three years and eight months for Wei.

“The accused executed a carefully thought out scheme to satisfy his sexual desires,” Arvindren said.

“(He) pretended that he was a female doctor and deceived several victims into sending various compromising photographs and videos of themselves. (He) has abused the trust the public has for doctors and he has exploited social media to commit the crimes,” he added.

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