A man allegedly accidentally shot his wife to death after getting frustrated over his son spending hours playing the mobile game PUBG. The unfortunate incident reportedly happened in an orange estate in Chikkamagaluru district, Karnataka, India on Tuesday, May 24.

The accused, identified as Imtiyaz, reportedly frequently lost his temper, frustrated by his son's mobile game addiction. On Tuesday, May 24, Imtiyaz's son, who had spent hours playing the mobile game PUBG, took a break to charge his mobile phone and removed the suspect's phone from its charging port.

Upon noticing this, Imtiyaz scolded his son for his gaming habit. However, the son began to argue back and escalated the confrontation with the accused. Imtiyaz, in a fit of rage, allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at his son, threatening to shoot him, the Indian Express reported.

However, the accused's wife, Maimuna, fearing that Imtiyaz might pull the trigger, stepped in to stop the fight. As Maimuna intervened, Imtiyaz reportedly accidentally pulled the trigger and shot Maimuna in the chest. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, doctors declared her dead upon arrival at the facility.

Following the incident, police officers arrested Imtiyaz based on the complaint filed by the estate owner Pavan.

“There has been no complaint against the son. We are also verifying his age to check if he is a minor. We are also checking whether it was a licensed gun,” said the investigating officers.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man allegedly beat his five-year-old son to death with a wooden stick for playing games on his mobile phone instead of studying in the Khanpur area of Delhi, India on Dec. 6, 2021, Latin Times reported.

The accused, identified as Aditya Pandey, 27, a milk supplier by profession, was reportedly upset with his son, Gyan Pandey alias Utkarsh, 5, for spending too much time playing games on his mobile phone instead of studying.

Enraged, the father started beating Utkarsh with a wooden stick. When Utkarsh started crying, Pandey reportedly became even more irate and continued thrashing him with the stick until the child was eventually beaten to death.

When Utkarsh finally collapsed, Pandey left the unconscious boy in the house and walked out.

Upon police interrogation, Pandey initially denied beating his son. However, when the officers questioned the family's neighbors, they revealed that the abusive Pandey would often get angry at the boy for not studying, scolded him frequently, and used to occasionally beat up the child.

Following this, when the officers confronted Pandey, he confessed to having committed the crime.

A teenager has been accused of brutally killing his sister-in-law after she reportedly reprimanded him, asking him to stop playing games on his phone and look for a job in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on Saturday, June 25. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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