A man has been accused of stabbing his childhood friend to death after an argument over him taking US$0.64 (50 Indian Rupees) from the victim's pocket in Bangalore, India on Tuesday, June 21.

The accused, identified as Shantha Kumar, a food-delivery boy by profession, allegedly knifed his childhood pal Shivamadhu KC, 24, an autorickshaw driver by profession, repeatedly in the chest and killed him after an argument ensued between the two over the suspect taking US$0.64 (50 Indian Rupees) from Shivamadhu's pocket, the Times Of India reported.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Sanjeev M Patil, the argument between the accused and the victim happened after Shivamadhu, Kumar, and their friends had gone to a cyber center to get some printouts. While Shivamadhu and Kumar went to the center, their friends Sharan and Praveen waited for them by the roadside.

At the cyber center, Kumar asked Shivamadhu to give him some money. However, when Shivamadhu told Kumar that he didn’t have any, Kumar proceeded to forcibly take US$0.64 (50 Indian Rupees) from Shivamadhu’s pocket without asking him. This led to a heated argument between the duo, during which, in a fit of rage, Kumar whipped out a knife and stabbed Shivamadhu in the chest before fleeing the scene.

Following the stabbing, Sharan and Praveen rushed Shivamadhu to a hospital for immediate treatment. However, he was declared dead upon arrival.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man reportedly killed his friend by bashing a cement block against his head for not paying back the US$1.30 (100 Indian Rupees) that he borrowed from the suspect in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on Friday, March. 4, Latin Times reported.

The victim, identified as Arjun Yashwant Singh Sarhar, who originally hailed from Rajasthan, reportedly owed some US$1.30 (100 Indian Rupees) to his friend Manoj Marajkole, 35, a resident of Girgaum, Mumbai. However, when the victim failed to repay the loan, Marajkole, in a fit of rage, allegedly picked up a cement block and bludgeoned his friend to death.

On Thursday, March 3, Marajkore and Sarhar reportedly drank together. During the drinking session, the two had a fight over the loan. After the argument, when Sarhar went to sleep, Marajkole allegedly decided to pick up a nearby cement block and began smashing it against Sarhar's head in the early hours of Friday, March. 4.

After bludgeoning Sarhar to death, Marajkole fled from the spot. However, he was arrested a couple of hours later.

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