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A man allegedly stabbed his wife to death in public after she refused to quit her job in Ambur, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India on Monday, Jan. 23.

The accused, identified as S Jaishankar, 43, a mason who also runs an outlet selling construction materials, got separated from his first wife and married the victim J Punitha, 32, 10 years ago. Jaishankar, who was reportedly addicted to alcohol, used to come home drunk and frequently engage in heated arguments with Punitha. Jaishankar also used to suspect the fidelity of his wife and quarrel with her frequently over petty affairs, the Times Of India reported.

Unable to bear the harassment from her husband, Punitha finally left him, took her children along with her, and shifted to her mother’s house a few months ago. After she moved to her mother's house, she joined a footwear manufacturing company in Ambur to support the family.

Meanwhile, Jaishankar met with a road accident and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. Punitha started visiting him at the hospital and helped him in the recovery process. Over time, the couple reconciled, Punitha moved back home and they started living together with their children.

However, after getting discharged from the hospital, Jaishankar again started coming home drunk and harassing her. He told her to resign from her job and stay at home. However, when Punitha refused his demand to quit her job, Jaishankar started engaging in frequent arguments with her over the issue.

On Monday, Jan. 23, at around 7 p.m., when Punitha got off at a bus stop and was proceeding home, Jaishankar intercepted her and demanded she quit the job. When Punitha refused to quit her job, he pulled out a knife from his pocket and stabbed her repeatedly on her neck, chest, and abdomen in full public view on the road. After stabbing her, Jaishankar fled the scene, India Today reported.

As the woman collapsed on the road, a few passers-by rushed her to the nearby Ambur government hospital where doctors declared her brought dead.

Following the incident, the police officers obtained CCTV footage from the vicinity. After reviewing the footage, the officers managed to identify the accused and arrested Jaishankar on charges of murder.

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