A court was told that a man suffered penis injury after it was repeatedly "yanked" by his partner. The vicious attack happened after the two had rowed over what to have for dinner at their Birmingham home.

The injury made the victim go to a hospital where he had to have a deep cut to his penis glued. It had also left an embarrassing scar, reported Birmingham Live. Later, Luke Lal sent several abusive messages on a gay dating app in spite of a court order. One message was a threatening one where he threatened to reveal the victim's sexuality to his parents.

Prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, Michael Shaw said that the defendant and the victim had been in a relationship for some time. The two had reportedly faced some difficulties during the duration. At the victim's home, an argument arose that resulted in Lal repeatedly punching him to the head. Then he grabbed hold of his partner's penis. It caused a small laceration.

A non molestation order banning Lal from having contact with the victim was issued by a family court. Still, the defendant sent text messages to him on an unregistered mobile phone. He also sent abusive messages after creating a fake account on Grindr. The victim said in a statement that what had happened had affected his relationships, mental health and family life. He had received counselling, he said and that the scar reminded him of the trauma that he experienced during the incident. The victim reportedly suffered from anxiety, flashbacks and depression, and it had left him "fuelled by anger."

Judge Paul Farrer QC said that it had been a strained relationship, and that "the fault lay on both sides." He noted that Lal and the victim argued, and "you attacked him and punched him to the head repeatedly." He said that Lal had his hands around his partner's throat, and he also grabbed the victim's penis and "pulled it forcibly about five times so it caused a one centimetre wound which was later glued and has left a scar." The judge noted that the injury had been to a "highly sensitive part of your victim's body," but he said that he had taken into account that it happened more than two years ago.

Defending, Simon Cadwaladr said that this is set against a background of a relationship between "two men that started with high hopes but quickly deteriorated." According to Mirror, Cadwaladr said that the assault occurred after an argument over what to have for dinner. He added that both of them were behaving in an "extremely unfortunate manner towards each other in the emotional breakdown of their relationship."

According to Daily Mail, Lal of Alcester Road, Moseley, England, previously pleaded guilty to assault and harassment. The 31-year-old was sentenced to a year in jail. He was also ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work, and suspended for 18 months.

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